I’m sorry all for being late today. It’s been a few bad days in a row, and I ran out of time.

Young Master Duke is in bed. My Husband is in the dining room. I’m settled in the office, and I’m ready for a nap. It’s another pain day, but I will live I’m sure.

Have started an anti-depressant and an add medication. It only took 50 years to get diagnosed with add. The good news, is that I’m not manic depressive or bipolar. I’m working on the emotions from that to be honest.

When I believed my whole life that I was broken and not worth living because I was bipolar and manic depressive, that I was worthless… That I had nothing to give back to society, and that I am nothing. To be told that no, that’s not the case, you have ADD, have probably always had it…

Mindblowing change. I’m still working on learning how the medication works in my brain. I’ve had to change how I do what I do. I eat breakfast first thing in the morning now, so I can take an add pill. I take the diabetic meds later, so that I’m not crossing the streams.

The thing is, I’m taking the diabetes meds now. That’s a change. I’m not forgetting them.

So, as I evolve, with the help of medications, we will see what happens. One huge change? I’m drinking quite a bit less coffee. I don’t need it near as much as I did before.

So, we’ll see what happens. Take care my friends. -L