Monday Morning going down

Morning all, hope you are well. The fellas are being good. I’ve had half a cup of coffee so far. Sighs. It was a bear it cuppa, not an enjoy it to my soul cuppa.

I do still enjoy tea, and look forward to that. I’m just hoping that as my body adjusts to the new medication, coffee will come back into my universe. To protest, today I am wearing an upper body undergarment. I know, why make my day worse by wearing a bra? Welp, the boulders needed a little lift today.

I managed to take a shower this morning. This requires a half an hour of prep. Okay, half an hour of talking myself into accepting that it is gonna hurt like hell to stand that long. Then I get it done as quickly as I can. The reason I stand for at least part of the shower is to clean the undercarriage so to speak.

Then, I can sit and finish the needful.

I finish dressing on the stool. I have a dressing hook, and that was what gave me the courage to try to wear the underpinnings today. Normally, they get stuck on my upper back, and my right arm doesn’t work as well as it could anymore. However, I put the dressing hook between the bra and my body, and was able to eventually tug it down enough to get on.

I imagine that I looked like a frog wearing a sword for a bit during this proceedure. I know I was making weird noises during it, and odd words came out of my mouth. Now that the sucker is on, I may never take it off. Or I may cut it off, depending on my mood.

Other than that, I ended up in the kitchen with a half a cuppa, and now am settled in. I’ve tortured and tormented my 30 odd people with my daily hugs ration online, and it is going to be a good day.

Take care my friends, gentle squishy hugs. -L