Waiting for June

Morning all, hope you are well.

Young Master Duke has had his favorite treats so far today. I’m settled in with a cup of tea. I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite coffee. This morning’s tea is an American Breakfast tea. I didn’t like it much before as it had a funny aftertaste. Now, it works, and isn’t so bad. I guess it is one of those things where when your taste buds change somethings turn out for the best.

I’ve been talking with a friend who is a transplant from the deep south to Minnesota. We are in one agreement on something. Winter is just hanging on way too long this year. I told her that I’m waiting for June. I want to get out and go camping again to be honest. There’s a bell tent I’m interested in, and it is big enough I can office outside, instead of in the garage. With the right waterproofing (which I will reinforce, I wasn’t born yesterday.) I’m hoping and thinking.

Meanwhile, I blew my stack already this morning. One thing I can’t respect is someone who just doesn’t hear the things I am saying. In this example, I have stated many times in writing a certain truth. The person I am sending the information to is insisting that they are right. It doesn’t change that truth. They can insist all that they want. They can decide whatever they desire. It doesn’t change the facts.

So, I blew my stack. Sighs. June is still coming, right? I can still sit outside and watch the fireflies right? Someday, maybe, it will be here. Please pray for idiots for me today. Hugs, -L