Working through things

Morning all, well, for me it is Saturday afternoon. I’m listening to a podcast in the kitchen, and Duke is asleep by my feet. My husband can’t understand why I can’t get the office cleared out of the living room/bedroom. The man sleeps all day. I’m a little curious how I’m supposed to magically move everything when he growls when I even sit in there.

We’ve gotten more of the white stuff again. I’ve come to the conclusion that we are in a new ice age, and the snow will never leave. Then again, reality is that the snow will be done in a few weeks. I know. Perhaps I should be heartened by the fact that we’ve survived the coldest months, and the maybe the times of below zero wind chills are over.

I apologize for being so grim, it’s been a rough day. I’ve listened to my husband kvetch for repeated episodes most of the morning. There’s nothing I can do to make life better for him, and it feels pretty hopeless at the moment. Yes, I have add medication. Yes, I’m on an antidepressant. Yes, I’m working on fighting the depression and the problems we face. Today just seems more hopeless than most.

It’s like just for one day, and only today, the urge to keep fighting is gone. I know tomorrow I’ll fight back again. I know that I’ll keep working on the things I need to. I know that. It’s just right now, it is pretty grim.

My life is what it is. Maybe, there is a little hope out there. Let’s see what today brings. -L