Morning all, it’s about 2 i the morning, and I’m ready to head back to bed.

My beloved is resting, and Young Master Duke is outside being the bestest boy on the planet.

Surgery went well. It was indeed a same day surgery, and we are home. We spent the afternoon together, on a slow road trip home. He had some fish sandwhiches, and Young Master Duke got a happy meal.

We are okay.

The aftermath of the day was unexpected though. You see, I saw my Dr today. I was sent to a walk-in orthopedic. I have had some x-rays done. I will be starting physical therapy next week.

Meanwhile, listening to my beloved snore is a beautiful sound. We both saw way too many humans. Way way too many humans. There’s no place like home.

I will be camping if my beloved is okay starting Friday. I need to get away from humanity for awhile. -L


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