The task list

Morning all, Young Master Duke has had his morning meds and is resting. My Husband is mumbling in the kitchen. The dishwasher is running. I’m about to jump in the shower.

Bullet Journaling has taught me that the task list and collections are king. It’s helping me keep track of my diabetes and other medical issues. I’m on track a little better financially. Our home is getting maintained. My husband is allowed to breathe.

However, I’m not really into the dead tree version anymore. Yes, I still do some spreads and collections, but not so much as in years gone by. It has evolved, and quite honestly for the better.

For some reason, I can type much faster than I can manipulate a pen or pencil. I hate coloring, and so making fancy schmancy sheet on paper just doesn’t make me happy. Let’s not get into the washi tape and sticker crap either.

The online world has jaded me with the bullet journal system. Ryder Caroll who invented the system is a good egg. I’d started something similar decades ago, and evolved it when I found his videos on youtube. Yet, the others who were ‘famous’ for bullet journaling really toasted my bagels on the system.

Online groups helped for awhile, but when it became a ‘show and tell’ game, I about upchucked. No. I hate show and tell. I have since 3rd grade. Needless to say, it burned the bujo method for me. I left the groups, or blocked them, and moved on.

I tried to do the daily spread thing. I did it for about a year or two. I tried the Alaistair method. I was happiest with that. I even tried some of the apps to work with bujo. My favorite, lost when I switched to android I still grieve for the loss of.

Yes, I’ve done quite a bit of bujo. Yet, I’m not a bujo ‘creator’. I’m a human being, who has very specific needs. I need a reminder on both my tablet and cell phone. I need recurring reminders, that show up certain days of the week.

I need a set it and forget it until I need to do it system. So, google tasks for the win. It integrates with google calendar. It has the ability to do collections, with details. The best part is, that google doesn’t forget. I’ve switched devices due to breaking things, and it’s all still there.

I have been working ont he task list for the next 3 months today. Setting up reminders that I need to keep track of, such as getting the Husband’s Christmas gifts. Setting up the Christmas Tree is also on the list. Organizing things in the garage. Knitting and stitchery projects are on there as well.

It works. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get some outside chores done then take my shower. Take care my friends, hugs. -L

Journal/Bullet Journal update

Morning all, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a bullet journal/journal post. Doing a bullet journal post without pics, well seems assinine. However, this is my blog. I’m not huge on posting pictures of the journal for any reason.

Spreads I usually use.

  1. Calendar and appointments: -this is a simple spread found in almost every planner I have had. I have stencils that I use for calendars. I adapt them for those months that start on Friday or end on Monday. I have on the right side of the page the calendar.. and a list of the appointments, monthly goals and the like on the rest of the page.
  2. Task specific spread: Here’s where we have the fun. For blog posts, I duplicate the calendar spreads, but also add blog goals. This is where I keep track of major posts for the blog. The minor ones, with photos, just don’t get tracked. Then there are spreads for diabetes, meds taken and other charting. Those have their own stencils. Then there are spreads that track progress on specific projects. They include phone numbers of people talked to, dates and times I talked to those people, and what progress made. Those projects are water heater search, sponsoring, recovery research, things like that.
  3. Journal and day specific spreads. For daily journal spreads, I sometimes will add silly animal images from stencils. I might even have a little charting. I write down from my lists, (daily tenth step) and I include progress made on projects. It’s a combo of daily log and diary.
  4. Stiching: I often keep project notes, a copy of the pattern, and problems I encounter on the way. Knitting, sewing, crochet and other projects get their own pages.
  5. Calendex and other trackers. Occasionally I run a mood tracker or other type. The weekly fauxbonichi spreads get my daily tasks. Things like dishes, laundry, take out the garbage, feed the dog… Normal tracking.
  6. Medical charting. Goes in a fauxbonichi weekly spread. Blood pressures, blood sugars, and things like that get their own spreads. Meds taken, meals eaten, exercise and pain levels get their own spread.
  7. 10th step specific lists: Positives about me, the day… God moments, gratitudes, prayers for others, help others, self care, things I purged, things I did right. Things I did wrong, with amends, motives and other magnifying info. Reading done, things I did without a prompt… or a tada list.
  8. Self care lists and spreads. This is a spread where I track perhaps one thing per day I do to take care of myself. This could be as simple as stretching, or having a cuppa hot cocoa when I am overwhelmed.

All these types of spreads are designed to help me to become a better more well rounded human. My journal is where I keep my sanity. It is what I turn to when I can’t deal with the world, or I am at my wits end. I turn to my journal when I am overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and feeling stressed. My journal is my bff.

Huge hugs, take care, -L

How a journal helps the end of year inventory.

Hello all, good morning. It’s time for the end of year inventory. What do I mean by that? WTH? Chuckle. Yes, I do a weird end of year inventory thing. Something that helps me to learn more about who I am and why I do what I do.

This isn’t exactly recovery related, I have tied it into my step work in the past, but in this case, I use it to put the year to bed. By going back in my journal, I look at what I have learned. I also look at what didn’t work, what worked, and also my mental and physical health.

This year’s inventory… I go back month by month. I re-read my journal, and see what the major events of the year were. I look at how I handled those events.

Some, I did really well, and wouldn’t change a thing that I did. Others, I screwed up royally. I ask myself if I still owe amends in those cases. I also look at what I could have done instead.

This involves an overhaul, I suppose. But then again, that’s okay. I want to be a better person the next year. Since I live one day at a time, I don’t do resolutions. However, I do work on trying something different.

Looking over my life, I actually wish I had done more inventories over the years. I regret not doing the footwork then, the way I do now. I’m not perfect, and am far from it. However, over the last few days of this year, I’m working on my own inventory.

Huge hugs all, take care. -L

Craving Pizza and other ramblings


For some reason, I’ve been craving Pizza again. Sighs, not just the kind of pizza you can get from any delivery service, but that crispy, cheap toaster oven pizza you can get for a dollar.

I’m getting older. I was mucking about in the Amazon app and decided that I didn’t need most of the crap that was in my cart. Now, it’s time to weed things down to the budget. My budget is abysmally small. Yet, I want to celebrate my 21 years clean by getting something a little something.

I have been thinking of taking up painting again. This has two inspirations. I had been going through my social media account, and saw some paintings that I’d done years ago. I missed the relaxation of painting, and yet that didn’t get me started.

What got to me was my journal. I’ve been working on some homework in my journal and decided to go to my favorite old style of bullet journaling with a combination of the current style. This style eats up paper, but paper is cheap.

A couple of years back I’d done my daily homework in my bujo, and got much better at doing it. When I was working in the blog, I’d seen a pic in my uploads that inspired me to go back to that format.

Old format number one.
Old format number two.

These are the only formats that I had used, but were among my favorites.

New format one, daily lists
New format two, tasks and time log.
New format three, rapid logging and journal pages.

The pencils I use are a combination of water colors and cheap standard colored pencils. I’m using about 6 pages per day, with homework and journaling. The pens are a combo of fountain pens and paper mate flair mediums.

I’m getting the daily homework done, and pre-color the pages a day or so ahead in order to have plenty to work on. The last thing I do every day is set up the next day’s pages, with the grids and time logs. I enter in several things on the task list, and enjoy the work. It’s relaxing.

So, why the urge to paint? I jumped down the Amazon rabbit hole over the last couple of days. Before I knew it, there was a couple of hundred dollars worth of paints, canvas, easels and what-nots in the cart. The kicker, the tiny tiny budget. So, I will stick with the water-color pencils and a couple of things, and wait for the canvases and other things for a later date.

Note: using water colors in bullet journals can lead to mold and other issues, this is WATER. So be sure to dry thoroughly before shutting the journal.

I use paper towels as blotter sheets and switch them out over time. I also never fully wet the pages.

Standby for the recovery related post later today. -L

Recovery Notebook an essay with photos

A recovery notebook is much more personal than a simple diary. Inside you will find things which normally are not disclosed to anyone expect maybe a priest or sponsor. It is hard, trusting the wild ball of spaghetti from inside my head to a piece of paper and a pen.

All of the recovery notebooks I have ever done have started in this exact way, dealing with trust. I have lived with others for the last 13 years of my life. Luckily, my spouse and my father have no desire to know what has crawled out, battered and bloody, from the wars going on inside my head and onto the paper.

My first recovery notebook, long since gone, was a spiral bound notebook. I have journaled since I was a child. So pouring my disease onto paper was easy enough. That early notebook was filled with resentment, the world is wrong, and suicidal thoughts. I had spun wildly out of control, and my command of the English language had been fried. I couldn’t come up with the words to write, not able to remember the words to describe things. Yet, it was that recovery notebook, with strange words and ideas, that helped bring me back enough to run a blog. 

Why to use one? At first it was because I lived long distance from my sponsor, and could not afford a phone call. I could write things down that my sponsor would never hear. Later, I learned that some sponsors would not appreciate a 3 am phone call when my mind was whirling out of control. I learned to write, and keep writing until the urge to drink passed. I also learned to write until the suicidal urge passed. Eventually, as the homework was piled on, I put my step work in there. 

I have used many types of notebooks. At one especially stupid moment, I even paid $50 for a special two page per day planner. The problem? I needed five or six pages per day, and regular notebooks are much cheaper.

Thankfully, due to the chaos and flow of life, I do not have all of my recovery notebooks. Those things just don’t stand up to the test of time. Flooding took the first 4 years worth. The garbage truck took several of them. I personally burn the older ones now. I no longer need the notes from a meeting from 10 years ago.

What do I keep in a recovery notebook? What system do I use? I keep almost everything in my recovery notebook. I have been bullet journaling for 4 years now. In putting my life down on paper, I can see in black and white, or vivid color those areas of my life that need more attention.

So, now for the journal porn. I’ve gone through and looked at the photos of my journals. I’m including several here, along with a description. 

My favorite journal cover. The walmart 67 cent notebooks fit perfectly inside. 

An example of one of my habit trackers. It isn’t as inclusive as it is today.

I put my daily routines in my notebooks, as well as quite a few brain dumps. I miss this notebook the most. I loved those eccolo notebooks.

An example of the monthly spread. I made sure to schedule my meetings first.

Above you will find a weekly spread from my bujo. This one is simple enough for me.

This was a daily spread I used for quite some time. Included is so much of the daily homework. 

This was a daily emotions tracker I tried early on.

Another version of a daily spread. I couldn’t find my markers that day, so crayons had to do.

Here the daily spread evolved to add a ‘tada’ list. That’s a list of things I didn’t think I could do, but I did get done all by myself.

An early meal tracker.

An example of a pain tracker.

And lastly, another example of a daily tracker. The ruler I use is a log book template I bought at a truck stop back when I went to trucking school.
So that’s it. I hope this essay and photos help you a bit. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at