Sewing project

I’ve just finished another sewing project. I made a pocket.

Big enough for my phone and keys.

The fabric is a generic cotton fabric, and the lining is a felt cotton. The inner lining is hunter green. The thread is coats and clark black. It took about 2 hours to make. The strap is a leftover from a purse I never use anymore.

The reason I need a simple pocket is that in the wheelchair, I can’t often reach my keys. I want to be able to have my phone as well. It can sit on my lap or under my shirt without anyone knowing that it’s there.

Rather than using fabric to cover the cut opening, I used zig-zag stitch on my Brother lx9817 machine. I’m happy with the project, and the pattern was basically an outline of my hand outstretched to the limits of my fingers drawn on a piece of scrap paper.

For a simple project, I’m happy. -L


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