Passing it on

Something my best friend and Sponsor and I have done for quite a long time was to pass on our medallions on to the next generation of people in recovery. I’ve also given them to people I love and care about as well.

Tonight, I talked with her, and she had the group present her with the medallions I gave her this year. I have a little more than a year ahead of her in recovery. The group didn’t have a 22 year medallion available, and she told them how we have done it for quite some time.

They are adopting the policy. Which is a good thing. Having a medallion someone with more time has given you that they received themselves is important.

So, if you are in recovery, and have some old medallions to hand that are not your current year… I challenge you to give them on down the line. Give them to your sponsees, or to the newcomer in recovery. Hand them on to the next alcoholic or addict in the rooms when their time comes to get that medallion.

I guarantee to you, the thought will last longer than the cake.

Huge hugs my friends. Take care, -L