Plans for the Holiday

Morning all, just getting settled in. I have a couple of youtube videos playing in the background. This morning’s coffee has a couple of marshmallows in it. I need that soothing goodness.

Duke woke me a few times last night, and the bones they are a hurting. I’m thinking though, that today is a good day to set up our tree. The Hubs has it hidden in the garage somewhere. I need to pick up some lights and also sort through our ornaments.

I’m hoping to get some good bread going as well. The scent of bread baking, a tree going up, and perhaps some biscuits and gravy for breakfast… sounds like a winner to me.

Hope your day is a good one. Have been working on the step study launch. The problems I’m running into involve my brain farting. Chuckle. I’m getting older.

Take care, -L


Step Study Narcotics Anonymous History Continued.

From page 38 in the book Miracles Happen… The first Governing Committee started to meet and keep minutes. They first voted to call the group a combo name… First Fernado Valley Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. They then contacted AA world services and asked permission. AA said no, and they changed the name to Narcotics Anonymous.

This group wasn’t the first group to call themselves Narcotics Anonymous. However, they were the group that stuck. They set up bylaws, and a statement of purpose. They also set out to use the twelve traditions, and other rules. This was the beginning.

They set up the first ongoing meeting, which opened its door in October of 1953.

There were struggles, and eventually, that governing board all resigned, however they did work to begin a fellowship based off of AA’s principles.

The first NA literature, no longer in use, was the brown booklet. Printed by an AA member who donated the materials and their time, it was a gift to the fellowship. I wish I could find that document of our history.

Reading further, I realize that some of my character defects have come to light in local meetings. By the time I hit page 38, I see what I have been doing, and I am ashamed of my behavior.

That said, this is the reason I read our history. This step study, based on all of the literature I have available, is my own personal journey. If you are following along, I hope that this helps you as well.

I’m going to stop there for today, and get back to the research. Please, take time to read Miracles Happen from NA world services. It will open your eyes. Hugs, -L