Morning all, am settled in with a wee cuppa, and have been waiting until I can take my tylenol arthritis.

The drive train on my wheelchair… We tried steroids. I am diabetic. I have never urinated so much in my life, and I am sure that my blood sugars were insane during this period.

So, we had to stop the steroids. I am grateful. However, they wore off, and it is almost as if I had never taken them. Joyful.

Yet, the Hubs and I are okay. I’m in pain, but will live. I just keep an eye on how much I do, and take more breaks than usual. I also have no qualms at all about taking a much needed nap or two during the day.

It does all even out in the end. Pain is just pain after all. Yes, right now it sucks, and I do wake up screaming. However, the universe doesn’t end because I can’t push my wheelchair every once in awhile.

Life is still good.

Other updates:

I no longer am a member of any service committees. I’m still adjusting, and I will be fine. It’s actually kind of liberating. I feel free to just be the little weird me that I was always meant to be.

Papa… He is safe, and alive. That is the best I can answer for right now.

Camping… I’m going stir crazy. I want to get back out there. However, December in Minnesota, with a broken drive train on my wheelchair, means I must be patient.

Duke, the silly boy must be silly. He currently has his chin resting on my leg. He wants to go out and it’s 5 am. He’s already been out once. I do love him very much though.

Hubs and the rest. Hubs is okay, he’s tired a lot. His pain is much worse than mine. He does so much for us, and I appreciate him more and more every day.

Hope all is well with your world. Huge hugs, -L