My dog is holding my phone hostage, and other issues.

Morning, slept in today, and I am so tempted to crawl back under the blankets that… Sighs.

Duke, my beloved angelic Pitty mix is holding my cell phone hostage. Okay, we got up, I let him outside, I went to the necessary, and made myself a cup of humanity. Duke came back in, I sat at the desk, and glared at the tablet screen for awhile.

I was getting ready to make the first call of the day, and that’s when I noticed it. The phone wasn’t in its case on the desk. Crap. It wasn’t in the bathroom, I checked, it wasn’t by the coffee pot… WTH!. I made the bed, and sat back down at the desk.

Duke settled back in on the bed and I had to have a calm me down contemplative cigarette. Holmes often had 3 pipe problems, well I get to have contemplative cigarettes. I sent my friend a message on messenger that I wouldn’t be calling right away.

Crap. Okay, so I got busy here. I also shopped a bit on Amazon, okay, a wearable blanket that is floor length…. no, too expensive. Sighs. Robes are cheaper…

Where the hell is my frimping phone?

I turned around, and Duke was sleeping quietly, and oh so sweetly on the bed. It couldn’t be still in the bed, could it? No, it…

Waking a Pit Bull must be done with care. They are wonderful, awesome critters, but they demand a certain…

Okay, Duke is a snuggle bug extra topped with snuggle and kisses. If I woke him to check for my freaking phone, he would demand snuggly attention. I’d probably crawl back into bed with him, and then the whole morning would be shot to hell.

I crossed the Rubicon, I paid the heavy snuggle tax…. and Duke jumped down.

I took the bed completely apart. And then I found it. Up at the very top of the bed, wedged between the pillows and the wall… Away from that snuggle tax stealing Pitty mix cuddle bug. Damn. Doggy Tax is paid below.

Hugs all, hope you have a good one. -L