Why I wear crocs, no matter how ugly they are.

Morning all, it’s time for a hot cuppa, and another essay. Hope you and yours are well.

Hubs and I rarely buy each other gifts. Everytime I try to buy him something, it backfires totally. In fact, I think that the last time I actually did it right, was when I got him a tablet that he asked for.

Yet, as a part of this, we buy our own Xmas, Birthday and other Holiday gifts. That said, I get myself every 2 years or so, a new pair of real crocs.

Yes, the off brands are cheaper, but they don’t last as long. A friend asked me how long my crocs last me, and was floored when I said, “Six or seven years…” I had to explain that in warmer weather, getting me to put shoes on requires me to have to leave the house and go out in public.

Even in colder weather, there are weeks a shoe doesn’t touch my feet. Yet, I love the comfort of crocs. You see, my feet swell like over filled water beds. There’s nothing that works to keep the swelling down, and crocs actually fit my feet. I can get them wide enough that I don’t hurt when I have to use my feet.

So, you can take my crocs from my cold, dead body. I don’t care if they are ugly.

What brought this on? My Christmas Crocs arrived yesterday. I’m so happy with their wintery warm goodness on my feets. These are a winter pair, not lined, but with a warm pair of socks, oooh, I’m so happy.

It’s the little things.

Hugs, huge ones, hope all is well with you. -L