Away from keyboard

Still gone – prewritten post.

Horrible things, such as empty coffee cups happen you know. I’m sitting here working away and all of a sudden the sight of a bottom of my cup startled me. I’m dissappointed, disgruntled, or maybe I’m just grumpy.

Maybe it’s a good day to hit the recliner, relax, and watch the world go by from the pages of a book. Maybe it’s a good day to stitch. Anything to get over the horrors of not having another cup of caffeinated goodness nearby.

Sometimes, I dream of having a coffee bar attached to the house. With a barista, who is on standby to just make sure that my cuupa stays hot and full. That’s not a thing, I know, and I haven’t won a lottery with all the trappings.

However, maybe just maybe my husband has made another pot for me. We will see. Take care my friends. -L


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