I look like sheet in orange.

Morning all. Have a couple of minutes before my Bible study video call, thought I’d relay this morning’s shenanigans. Sighs.

Last night was a craps shoot for pain to sleep ratios. I didn’t get good sleep, and ended up swapping between sitting in the office and settling in bed. My character defects got out of bed before I did. Chuckle. It happens you know.

Over the last couple of hours Hubsy has poked his head into the office to interrupt multiple times. He freaked because I had the little office door open for air. I let it go, but he finally said he was letting Duke in and that I ‘had to get that door shut’ or ‘Duke will wander the neighborhood’. Sighs. I stood up and he kept berating me for having the door open.

I started singing in my head my new favorite song.

I look like sheet in orange, I look like sheet in orange. I know some days it sounds real good, but I look like sheet in orange.


Catch ya later, gentle hugs. -L