Out of office my apologies- pre-written post.

Will be out of office for the foreseeable future. My apologies

I am sitting here, listening to the radio. This is weird. To be honest, I’ve only listened to a radio in the car for years and years. A friend called me, she helps me here and there and asked if I needed a radio. I’d been listening to a podcast when she called.

She offered me a radio, to listen to while I work in the office. I couldn’t turn it down. She is also the source of my new filing cabinets, and helped me move into the office in the first place.

She is the one who drilled out a lock on one of those beasts. She’s the one who checks on me. She’s the one who made sure that I don’t get overwhelmed when sorting and purging.

She’s a good friend. I’m grateful. -L