Lots of change.

Morning all, hope you and yours are well. Young Master Duke is busy trying to decide whether or not he’s going to be in the house or in the garage. We’re good. I can’t let him out front yet as the city is busy cleaning up the boulevards for spring cleanup.

As promised, nothing from the garage or my office went on the curb. One bicycle was given away. I have 2 more in the basement yet. I can’t get down there to get rid of them. Sadly. Meanwhile, the office is much closer to complete. The bookshelves are in. I have to get some stuff organized yet, but the end is in sight. I can move the treadles yet this week.

I’m tickled pink. Okay, it’s more than pink. I’m just thrilled! I got the lawnmower and snowthrower out in a tent north of the house. The chemicals are out there as well. I moved one of the bookshelves by myself, and got the books on there. Sadly, I do need another bookshelf yet, but that will come in time.

However, I was able to sit and stitch a few, I was able to read awhile, and I was able to update my friend’s website from the garage.

Now, to sort the last stuff, get the treadles out here, and start repairing clothes. I’m so happy!

Hugs my friends, ttake care. -L