Away from keyboard pre scheduled post

Going to be away from keyboard for awhile my apologies. Pre-written Blog post from the archives.

Lordy, it feels like I slept with a boulder in bed last night. Would someone please send over a chiropractor to run me through the rack? Holy crap. Sighs.

For the most part, all is well here. Have some errands to run today. The store needs money, the gas station needs money. Other places will be added to the list. It just seems that faster than the check hits the account everyone lines up to say Gimme!

I still haven’t gotten out of the habit of needing food and such, so it is what it is. Duke is out back supervising the squirrels again. I’m settled in at the desk so that I don’t disturb the husbeast. He’s been in a mood lately.

I guess it’s okay. I suppose I better run these old bones under the shower, and see about finding what happens after. Take care my friends. -L