From the patio

Good morning all, Young Master Duke and I have chosen to sit outside this morning. It’s nice to unplug awhile. Today’s forecast involves scattered showers, so we are enjoying what we can while we can.

I’m not in this for the sun. Instead, I’m in it for the birds, the leaves, and the fresh air. Our quiet neighborhood has most folks at work right now. The lawns are starting to green up, and there are dandelions starting their yearly torment of homeowners who love the immaculate.

Today so far is a pretty good one. Shortly, I need to take my meds, and get back to work cleaning and organizing. For me, it is a Wednesday. It’s meeting day, and I’m hoping to get the chores done before then.

Looking at the front of our house, I see that there are quite a few repairs that need doing. Winter wasn’t kind to our home this year. It wasn’t kind to our sanity either. I’m hoping that our little shack can stand for another decade or two. Yet, I also see that if the roof isn’t repaired, that’s not a given. Sighs.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine, the birds, the green and the soft breezes my friends. I’ll start figuring out how much the repairs are going to cost later. Take care. -L