The new favorite hobby

Morning all, hope you are well enough. Duke and I are out in the office, and the neighbor dog is singing the song of her people. Duke is whining back. Snort.

For many years now, I have done something called the purge. When I went to the farm, my Dad put a stop to it, but once I moved back to town it was possible again. What’s the purge? “Getting rid of crap that is in the way, or no longer needful. Putting the things I need to use, and either repairing or replacing those things that are broken.

As a side quest to the purge, the move into the new office which is no longer a dungeon or place of punishment, my seratonin goes way up when a full bin of broken and useless crap goes away. The first Tuesday morning after moving off the farm, I sat up all night and cheered when the garbage pickup happened.

Now, it is full spring, and working out here is a thing. I’ve shoving things in that bin like my life depends on it. Because actually it does. I need room to move the wheelchair around in here. 20 years worth of shopping bags, things that my husband refused to get rid of, just need to go.

Every year, my community sends out 2 magazines with summer activities and winter activities. We don’t need 3 years worth of those things. Heck even the current one, after I’ve marked the dates on the calendar can go.

Moldy and musty items someone dumpster dived and gave to me. That’s a no-brainer, I’m allergic to mold. They go in the bin the minute that person leaves the neighborhood. There are many many other things on the purge list.

So, as it is garbage day. I’m looking for more and more things to get the heck out of my life. I refuse to be a hoarder.

Take care my friends. gentle hugs. -L