More stitchery madness

Morning, it’s time for a cuppa, and to get the chores for the morning done. This morning I ran into a video from #Coolirpa. She made an oversized fleece hoodie.

My fleece hoodie arrived on Monday last.

I want another, much more roomy one. Sighs. How do I get one, without breaking the bank?

Blankets. Those 3 dollar fleece blankets from Walmart. To buy the fabric costs more than I spent on my hoodie. To buy the blankets? Fractions of the cost.

So, off to the Walmart app to get a few fleece blankets, and a t-shirt needle. Sighs. I love my Hoodie, but I want it to be a little more roomy, a little more… Sighs.

Meanwhile, I have some obsessions. On Ravelry, there are these ten stitch blankets. IE blankets stitched on dpns. Hmm. I’m a little obsessed. I have the yarn, I have the time. I have multiple projects to finish first.

Other things I want to get done are pot holders. I crochet them, double yarn. I make them out of the scrap yarn and the crap yarn that I hate. What I end up doing is using two or three strands, and either tunisian crochet to make them, or garter stitch knit them.

Yes, crap yarn, if done thick enough, can make a pot holder. They are used to grab a hot pan to put on a trivet, not to be the trivet itself. So, fugly pot holders are constantly on the needles or hooks.

That’s about it for now. Take care. Will bug you again in the morning.

May your coffee be hot, and your day be peaceful. Hugs, -L


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