Please don’t, just don’t

Morning, the Hubs has been digging through the camping tote again. Homicidal urges aside, I can’t understand why he is doing this. Perhaps my being confused is due to the fact that there isn’t anything in there that he needs to be digging through.

Over the years, the snoop has dug through my desk many times. He’s dug through my books, my clothes, all kinds of things. Even my snack drawer isn’t sacred. Okay, I get the snack drawer, but the camping tote?

I’m not allowed to grab things from the house to take camping with me except for perishables. IE food. So I bought everything I need to go camping. I have it all together. I just want to scream my head off.

Am I though?

Nope. He’s curious I suppose. In the long run, I will be taking him with me. Whether he wants to go or not. I will be taking him with me. Then he will know what’s in the totes. Meanwhile, all of a sudden, I’m craving popcorn again.

Normally I don’t make it in the house. I don’t because the smell of popcorn is invasive. So, I make it outside on my tiny little camp stove. Perhaps stove top popcorn would be good this time… Nah, just kidding. Sighs.

I’m going to have to poke the bear and just ask him what’s in the camping gear that he so desperately needs. Sighs. -L


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