Yawn, stretch

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside singing the song of his people. I’m at the loudest keyboard I own, and my husband is only semi-snarly this morning. I’m writing this of course, on Sunday the 12th. I’ve got an audio book in my ears, and have been listening to R.J. Blain’s magical romantic comedy with a body count series on Scribd again.

I like Scribd, they allow me to listen to books without having to download the dratted books to my abysmally small hard drives. It’s a perk, and something that leaves audible in it’s dust. Well worth the effort in my book, so to speak. As for cost, it is cheaper than audible, and works for me. Sadly, I still support both platforms, as there are books that Amazon has their hooks into that I want to listen to. Also, I have a couple of hundred books on audible.

To get around audible’s bs, I download only one book at a time, and listen to it. Then I delete the file from my device, and download the next. Scribd also allows me to read many books that Bezosland doesn’t exclusively own. I have many Heinlein novels on my Scribd account. I read with feral glee when I can.

Why do I listen to books as well as read them? Well, there are times I absolutely have to have background noise, and can do other things while I listen. I stitch, clean house, or drive while I’m listening to books. The audiobooks, even while I have read the regular book, give me nuances I may not have payed attention to before.

Hang on a second, Young Master Duke is now at a volume that my Husband will start growling at. It’s just one of those things. — Okay, now he’s nestled on the bed, eating a chewie. We’re trying to break him of laying on my Husband’s side of the bed.

Our bed is actually 2 beds that we have side by side. His is a twin bed, mine is a double bed. When I moved to another town for a short period of time during a dark part of our marriage, one of my stimulus checks went into buying furniture and supplies for that place. This bed is a result. I needed something low enough I could get in and out of easily, but also that Young Master Duke could share with me.

Duke is the goodest of naughty dogs, and that’s my opinion.

Meanwhile, I have other chores to do, including getting my morning stretches out of the way. Take care my friends. Have a good one. I’ll write again tomorrow. -L


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