Morning Post

Good morning,
It’s almost 10AM here on Fertile Acres Farm. Dad is down in the garden already, and Uncle Ed, our ailing relative is up and has had his coffee. Tim is downstairs still asleep, and I need to get my work started for the day.
We weren’t expecting Ed to come yesterday. I called the hospital in the morning, and they said not yet. So, I went about my day. However, Tim and I had to run to town for his medical supplies. We stopped first at the tobacconist, and picked up our supplies there for the month. Then, we went to the hospital, where we had the best option for his medical supplies. I was planning on stopping and seeing Ed before we left the hospital, but got a change of plans phone call while we were picking up Tim’s things.
Ed was on the phone, and they were releasing him. This was just a few short hours since the call which said that he was staying the night. He was shocked that we were already at the hospital, and we were shocked at the “God nudge”. We gathered him up, and headed to the pharmacy. We then headed to his home for some clothes and such for him to stay on Fertile Acres Farm for as long as he needs.
Meanwhile, I had called Dad and my sister. Tina met us at Uncle Ed’s and he showed her what needs to be done while he is laid up here. We headed directly to the farm afterwards, and got settled in.
Supper was a stew with a little ham, carrots, spuds, hominy, and noodles. For seasoning, there was a little cumin, paprika, and some chicken boullion.
Other than that, we are taking things one hour at a time. As I said, Dad is down in the garden, and Tim is still asleep. Ed is mischievous, and that’s a good thing.
I’ve got to get to work, so I’ll pester you again soon.
Take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin


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