The garden walk

The garden walk. Ed and I went down to the garden for a quick walk. While we were down there, I picked beets, swiss chard, dill and rhubarb.
I have two salads going at this time. In one, I have melon that was on sale. I also have a few pears, diced up that also were on sale, but had bruised a bit. I put some of the rhubarb in today, as well as some frozen apples from our orchard. The dressing for this salad is a little brown sugar that I heat up, add vanilla and nutmeg to. I also added some grapefruit that I didn’t catch before it was almost too late.
In the other salad. I have beet greens, swiss chard, fresh dill and vinegar. I’m going to ask Dad to bring up some onions as well. Ed can’t carry anything, and my arms were full so the onions got left behind. All the produce has been dealt with, and I’m sitting down for a short break before I do anything else. Soon, I’ve got to get the dishes from last night washed. I was more worried about Uncle than getting chores done. Slowly, I’m getting caught up.
I’m still doing the work a bit, take a break method.
As Uncle needs things, I grab them, do a few things, and get back to the laptop. Currently, we are watching tv. As needed we do what he needs done. It works.
Meanwhile, we are under heat warnings for tomorrow. I’m worried about the temp and my family’s medical conditions. Thank God it is going to be Sunday, and Dad won’t be working in the garden.
All is well here at Fertile Acres Farm. Take care,
Louise Ann Benjamin

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