Heat Index over 100 evening post

Hello all,
I’m finally sweating again. I had to drive Tim to Minnesota again. Dad stayed with Uncle Ed while I took him and the dog on over.
I have bread baking. Don’t freak, I’m baking it on the deck. I was supposed to get it in before we left, but didn’t want the fellers having to yank it our, so I’m baking it now. Real temp outside, over 90.
Unc is being Unc. It’s a good thing. I’m still a little worried, but some of the problem is the heat. We can’t change that.
Other than that, I’m drinking plenty of fluids. I need a nap. Supper is going to be on the table before long. Soup and Salad for supper.
That’s all, I’m hot, sweaty and tired.
Louise Ann Benjamin