Evening Edition

Hello all,
I think I’m still sitting in the car somewhere, even though physically I’m lying down. The bedroom is cool, and the fan works. I’m sweaty, slightly nauseated, and my gut hurts, but I ate. Which is a plus.
We got the errands run and if I forgot something, to heck with it. I’m not going back on the road again today. As far as I’m concerned, the stores are closed until next month.
Dad was awesome, he drove all day today. Tim was awesome, he did dishes while we were gone. Baby Bro was awesome, he brought the rest of the chickens out here.
I’m a little tired, can’t you tell? I’ve never used the word awesome so much in one paragraph, let alone blog post that I remember.
Chicken chores now have to evolve. Due to the pen situation, I have to feed and water the lower coop twice daily if not three times. The upper coop needs to be checked and fed once to twice per day. I will work out a routine.
The rabbits got a little upgrade today. But that’s okay. I’m going to keep improving their living situation the best I can.
Meanwhile, I’m hot, tired, thirsty and sweaty.
It’s time for me to either go to bed, or take a shower. I don’t dare take a bath, because I’d fall asleep in the tub.
Louise Ann Benjamin


Morning Edition

Good Morning,
We are going to be heading into town today. My pain level is stable as long as I don’t eat much. We need to stop at:

  1. Tractor Supply: Dog food, Chicken Feed, and Rabbit Salt
  2. Franklin Foods: Misc groceries
  3. Lewis Drug: First Aid Tape, Bandaides, Listerine, Suspenders
  4. Smokin’ Deals -Tobacconist: e-cigs and tobacco products -Dad will drop us off while he goes to the next stop.
  5. Credit Union: Mortgage payment
  6. Sunshine Foods: Powdered Milk, Ketchup (1 Gal size) 
  7. Catholic Book Store: Misc
  8. Bread Store: Donuts, Animal Bread
  9. Verizon: Cell phone for Dad.
  10. Dollar General: Flour, Febreeze, Toilet Paper, Juice
  11. Country Fair-Del Rapids: If the prices from their ad can’t be beat in Sioux Falls, then we go there for the rest of the list.

I am hoping that both men go, so that we can just get the trip done simpler. However, we will see. I’m still in allot of pain. I didn’t sleep much last night again. So we will see. I’m hoping to hand the list to them and let them do allot of the shopping.
Normally, we only go to town twice a month except for Sundays. I do most of our provisions on the first trip. Second trip, is the supplemental. That one is for things that I forgot, or that we didn’t realize we were running low on.
The only discrepancy is when I work. If I’m in town anyway, then what we do is keep an eye out for what is on sale and if I have the funds then we go for it.
Meanwhile, I’m licked. I need a shower, and Tim has decided he wants to check the levels of fluids on the Dodge. That’s great, but the problem, I know I need an oil change. I just can’t quite swing it this month.
We will see. I’m hoping to be able to eat tomorrow because there is a picnic to go to. Wish me luck.
Louise Ann Benjamin