Rain rain go away

Morning all. It’s been rainy lately. Pain levels have sucked, but it is April.

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning the bedroom/office area. I also instituted another personal change, and it worked well. With decreased mobility, and only one bathroom in the house, I borrowed an idea from camping. I bought a 5 gallon bucket and lid on the last grocery order. I had purchased pool noodles on the last trip to the big city. With a garbage bag, a pool noodle, and a 5 gallon bucket, I no longer have to struggle to get 3/4 the way acrossed the house in order to find it occupied. That is so damned painful, and struggling to wait when I just can’t… well.

Our ancestors used small bowls with a handle for this purpose during the night. I am using it to reduce my total levels of pain. Now bedside commodes do exist. I can’t afford to shell out almost 200 dollars to get one that will work with my corpulent frame. So, 5 gallon bucket to the rescue.

The house cleaning involved more items picked up during the last grocery pick up. I added 4 separate 3 drawer carts to the order. Now, all my art supplies, all my electronics, all my spare medical, and several other things are organized, and very easily accessible. I’m thinking of getting more shelving as well. I have some homeless books.

I still don’t have a dresser or cupboard for my clothing. I live out of a pile of clothing on the top of the dryer for the most part. I’ve been going through the clothes in order to weed out what I can’t physically wear, and storing them in laundry baskets. However, I am hoping to upgrade that shortly. I’m thinking of ordering something that will help.

I also went through and shredded more paper. Pretty much anything that comes in the mail with our address on it goes in the shredder. Soon, with the help of another 5 gallon bucket and lid, I will have a garbage can exclusively for shreddings. Those will be used to either start cooking fires or sent to recycling. I’m so sick of the decades of backlog my husband kept.

Other items that are coming, but haven’t been ordered. A stick vacuum. I can run one from the chair. I also want soft brooms and mops. I want to have a couple more garbage receptacles. Those will be on the next order. I have one shelf I am going to liberate from the dining room. I want some of my books on there.

Slowly, slowly, it will get done. I might even get a few more of those 3 drawer carts for more storage. Having things in boxes on the floor just gets in the way.

Hugs, my friends, take care. -L