Running hot and cold

Morning all, I fell down a rabbit hole of research. That’s not good. I’m not happy, and have realized that humans are human. On a sad note, one of my best friends is moving, and today they are on their way to their new state to do a walk through of their new house. I don’t want to let them go.

The list of people I am willing to hug is now down to 3. 2 of them live about 45 miles away. The other is asleep in bed not even 10 feet away from me. My friend, moving 14 hours away, takes that huggage list down. I’m feeling whiny af about it. However, we will still snark over the phone.

Back to the research. Since video streaming is done at the desk, I don’t spend as much time in research as I would like to. Yet, one video opened my eyes. Then, I went and found the articles to back up the research. Crap. I’d been on the periphery of swallowing the Kool-Aid in the stitchery community. I won’t be a shit stirrer, I’m too damned proud to spread information at that level, but my own eyes were opened. I’m glad that before I invested more than just some time, I found out about the problem.

Meanwhile, the research I did also paid out in another way. I have a weird obsession with historical clothing. It fits better, and is much more comfortable. Even the dress I’m wearing, I made. So, in the midst of the chaos, I found a video I downloaded so I can review again and again at leisure. There’s 2 methods I learned.

The first is something called french seams. It’s a self-finishing seam that I don’t have to fell down if I don’t have the spoons to do so. Holy crap. I’ve got another dress in the planning stages, and this method takes stitching that dress down to an hour or two of production.

The 2nd method is a self finishing hem. It’s one row of stitching that makes a double folded hem. One row of stitching. Woot woot woot! Since hand sewn hems are a must for arm holes, wrist bands and neck holes, I can still get that dress done in one day. Opus Elenae on Youtube showed how to do this wizardry, and I include a link to the video here. She is a freaking genius.

That said, I have some finished objects. I finally finished the Pi Shawl afghan thingamie. I need to weave in the last end, and run it through the washer. I may reinforce the last end with some sewing thread. I have another shawl on the hook, and some restoration work to finish.

Next on the list of projects is the dress in progress. Since it is a modern pattern, to protect copyright, I won’t post pics. Other than that, I better get busy. The ibuprofen has finally started working its magic, and I need to get the stitches done.

Hugs, I will bug you again tomorrow. -L


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