Please pop every joint in my body

Morning all, a lovely hazelnut faux cappuccino is making me happy this morning. I’m happily curled up with a keyboard, and I really am content to be ensconced in the recliner again.

I love my laptop. I can type all of this up in word, correct all of my sins there, and then move to the desk where I get decent cell signal to send this post off. I can relax with my back and neck supported, and work. Yet I also have the ability to have my legs lifted. I do use a board to hold my equipment up, and some day, I will own a recliner desk. Some day.

All dreams of that aside, if anyone knows a way that I can be put in a medieval rack, and stretched from neck to ankle until everything pops, I’d be grateful. All whining aside, otherwise, all is well enough.

I’m working on stitchery again. Most everything I can do from the recliner, until I need a machine. I can cut and do hems, I can baste seams, and I can plot and scheme to make things work. Then, when it’s time to run the machinery, I can set up the sewing machine quick and whack through what I need to do.

Meanwhile, the Hubsy went to his appointment, and behaved himself. The garbage got to the curb and the empty can back to the house. I listened to as many true crime podcasts as I could. I had a busy day yesterday. Oh, and young Master Duke isn’t impressed with faux spring.

His opinion and mine are of a similar bent. He takes one look at the smattering of white sheet… smells the icy air first thing in the morning and says frick this. He goes, pees, and comes right back in.

Meanwhile, the Hubsy is grateful for the grocery order I did. He actually said Thank You. It’s the small things. He’s still an ass at times, but his arse is mine.

Huge huggage all. Please be mischievous today. -L


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