The games I actually play

I have astigmatism. It doesn’t have an effect on my everyday life for the most part, except in one weird way. Some games give me motion sickness. As in I need to have a bucket handy, motion sickness. So, most motion play games are off my agenda.

Morning all, so why do I bring this up? Welp, the list of games I actively play is actually quite small. I have a solitaire suite on my laptop. I also have a word suite that I enjoy. I play monopoly, backgammon, the royal game of ur, and checkers. That’s it.

Short list, I know. English mine proper not is. I’m also a jerk, you know this. Get over it.

Why Monopoly? I have an older brother unit. His name is Bro, at least that’s what I call him. Occasionally, I call him old man, because he is. When we were short, and much cuter than we are now, we had a checkers game, and a monopoly game.

We also had playing cards, and other than playing 52 card pickup, we played war and rummy. We were all we had for those long cold winters. We lived in the country, and the nearest kids were 3/4 of a mile away at least. He was my babysitter after a certain point, and we just were. He was my best friend.

I swear, he always won. He didn’t let me win because I was younger. He had to have Park Place. He had to have this and that. He always won.

So, well over 40 years later, I’m still practicing, hoping to one day kick his butt. It’s a rivalry. Nowadays, Bro, being much much older, won’t play me. He says it would take forever and whatnot. Snort.

So, Biggest Brudder. I double dog dare you. A battle royal of Monopoly. Auction only. I will kick your butt.

Hugs, -Little Sis.


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