White sheet

Morning all, here I am with my favorite orange juice substitute, and Young Master Duke is settled back into the still warmish spot on the bed.

The wind is brutally cold out there, and he doesn’t approve of the conditions of the facilities of the necessary he uses.

Though it isn’t quite as bad as it was on Easter. The white sheet came down, and Young Master Duke didn’t approve. I really don’t blame him, but was worried because he would go out for exactly the amount of time it took to take one look and say, “Oh HELL NAW Momma”. He booked it back into the house before the urine hit the ground.

I was worried he would be constipated. Poor Pupper Doodle.

Meanwhile, the white sheet is melting, and soon Maybe, we can return to our regularly scheduled observation and tormenting of the squirrels.

Which reminds me. One poor possum had a heart attack in the back yard. It was snuggled in by the house I’m sure for warmth. Duke noticed it right away. He chased, grabbed it, and I pulled him back in as quickly as I could. The poor critter lay in shock, and cunning. I let Duke in, and went to check on the little one.

It was still breathing, so I left it alone, and kept Mr Great Fuzzy Hunter in the house for awhile. By morning, the possum was gone, and Duke was happily sniffing around looking for the critter.

Sighs. Young Master Duke, the Great Fuzzy Hunter is quite a pooch.

Have a great day my friends. Hopefully the sheet in your life recedes much more quickly than the white sheet outside right now. Distance Hugs and Huggage. –L