With the recliner comes great sacrifice

Morning all. The fellas are quietly doing and arranging manly purposes while I sit in the recliner being a brat.

I have been gifted a lazy boy recliner, extra wide by my good friend. We’d stored it in the garage until I had spoons enough to make room for it. Finally, finally, it was moved in the other night, and holy crap, it is comfort. The big crisis though, is that the place I have room for it, and the place I can sit in it… Has the crappiest internet connection in the house. Our house is plaster and old school chicken wires for walls. IE horsehair plaster and chicken wire. I live in a faraday cage for the most part. I’m cool with it, and that’s the reason the desk is situated between windows in a corner.

However, on pain days, the recliner is now king. So, I can’t watch livestreams much. It allows me to check in quick, but that’s about it. I can listen to podcasts though, and I can knit. That’s a blessing. I still want to rearrange a few things in that corner of the dungeon, but to be honest, this makes pain days not as sucky.

New protocol on pain days involves settling into the recliner, and covering with my latest project. I listen to a book or a podcast, and I work on whichever. If the pain is really sheet, then I move to the bed. However, this also means that I can sit up longer. The other game changer is that I can sit up and read paper books.

The sacrifice… my laptop becomes a place for card games on pain days. Though I have become a grand master at freecell in the past year… Hmm.

That’s about all for today folks, I better get back to my stitching. Hugs. -L


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