Evening Edition

Hello all,
I think I’m still sitting in the car somewhere, even though physically I’m lying down. The bedroom is cool, and the fan works. I’m sweaty, slightly nauseated, and my gut hurts, but I ate. Which is a plus.
We got the errands run and if I forgot something, to heck with it. I’m not going back on the road again today. As far as I’m concerned, the stores are closed until next month.
Dad was awesome, he drove all day today. Tim was awesome, he did dishes while we were gone. Baby Bro was awesome, he brought the rest of the chickens out here.
I’m a little tired, can’t you tell? I’ve never used the word awesome so much in one paragraph, let alone blog post that I remember.
Chicken chores now have to evolve. Due to the pen situation, I have to feed and water the lower coop twice daily if not three times. The upper coop needs to be checked and fed once to twice per day. I will work out a routine.
The rabbits got a little upgrade today. But that’s okay. I’m going to keep improving their living situation the best I can.
Meanwhile, I’m hot, tired, thirsty and sweaty.
It’s time for me to either go to bed, or take a shower. I don’t dare take a bath, because I’d fall asleep in the tub.
Louise Ann Benjamin


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