It was innocent, I swear!

Hello all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is cussing out the neighbors, and my husband is probably doing the same then.

Yesterday before I picked up groceries, I snuck over to the library. I was planning to drop off my books, and check out a few more. However, when I drove up, there was a problem.

The problem wasn’t that I got a spot out front. It wasn’t that I had to go up a ramp to get there, or that I had and used a cart to bring my books back. It wasn’t the friendly staff, or the fact that the books were on the shelves. The shelves go darn near to the ceiling.

Those things were not problems at all. The crisis was the sign I saw outside. The problem was that I had some petty cash on me. The problem was that they had a whole room full of books available for sale that was a short elevator ride downstairs.

I filled my little to go cart with books, and now have a slightly dirty feeling. I think I need a lie down, with a book of course.

I’ll bug you again tomorrow. -L


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