Our Mission

Morning all, hope you are well enough. We’re okay this morning, and I’m whupped. I’m still trying to get my body to move.

There’s so much to do, and it needs to be done today. Today I’m going to be sorting my books, getting them in totes to be moved to the garage tomorrow. Then I need to get the book shelves on my desk cleared and ready for the move to the garage.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the crapola is going to switch between the garage and the living room. My dungeon is finally going to it’s final home.

The sad part, my husband, who I am doing this for is and isn’t on board with this. Yes, he wants me to be able to work, and wants the house quieter. Yes, he wants my crafts and such to go. He doesn’t want me moving into the garage.

The question I pose is that where the hell am I going to move then? We tried finding an office space for me. We tried this, that and the next thing. I set up a mini office in the kitchen, but that was shut down. Where the hell am I going to work?

Working from tents worked for a day, but tents aren’t designed for long term use like that. When I moved out completely, I was fine, had an office area, had a craft area, had this that and the next thing. The problem? I was too far away from my husband and he almost died.

The way things are right at the moment, I can’t stitch, I can’t smoke at my desk, while he is sleeping. I can’t have meetings without headphones, and I can’t meet with sponsees.

“I’m not paying to heat that garage in winter or cool it in the summer.”


I believe that he would be happiest living completely alone, but he can’t. It is the way it is. So, tomorrow, to keep the peace, I’m going to drive my husband insane beyond belief. We are having 2-4 people out here to switch the stuff, move the bookshelves and desks.

The filing cabinet will go out there. As well as my treadle sewing machines, and several other things. I will convert the living room into a dark room with no light at all in the meantime.

Also, I will be ordering an electric heating pad and blanket for the winter. I’ll be having a couple of box fans to get through the summer. At least then I can have flowing air this year.

Meanwhile, take care my friends. I better get to work. Hugs -L


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