Be very quiet Mama

Morning all, Shh! The boys are sleeping.

I woke and received the best snuggles and puppy kisses this morning. I let Young Master Duke out, but my beloved was in the necessary. I grabbed my morning beverage of choice, and came into the office to watch some videos.

Next thing I knew, my beloved was back in bed… Um, okay. I let Young Master Duke in, gave him his treatos, and sat back at the desk. Now, both boys are snoring.

I can’t go lay down. Duke has taken over the thing, laying kitty-wompus acrossed it paws in the air. On the husband’s side, he has every square inch covered he can.

OOOOOkay then. I guess I will behave. I’ll put the headphones on, and let sleeping boys dream dreams.

Take care my friends, it’s going to be a quiet day. -L


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