Simple chores

Morning all, am currently waiting for my beloved to wake up enough so I can get the chores done. These chores require quite a bit of noise, and or moving crap around.

I need him to keep na eye on Young Master Duke while I work. I can’t have the goodest dog in the universe underfoot while I try to get things done.

The list

  • Run the dishwasher- it is a portable, requires moving said device, hooking it up, and letting her rip.
  • Put clothes in the dryer, run the dryer, scream at the top of my lungs. Since I have a rough time breathing, these will be silent screams.
  • Clean out the car, retrieving dog food and tarps. Those tarps are needed in the garage, so I can set up a warmer area. I may use a tent.
  • Settle in with a cup of tea and a smoke break. Yes, I still smoke with covid, I’m not the smartest woman on earth. Duke can participate in this activity.
  • Haul garbage and recycling to the bins. This is most important. Since moving away from the farm, I completely enjoy the process of ridding my life of garbage. Living with a hoarder was a nightmare.
  • Vacuum the car, this will wait for daylight. I do not wish to torment my neighbors by running a vacuum in the wee hours.
  • Clean the windows of the car on the inside, and wipe down the surfaces. We both smoke. It needs doing.
  • Sweep down the patio, and make sure that the leaves that have made their way to the garage are evicted. Note: also a daylight mission.
  • Clear the garage of more clutter, to make more room for the office. This is scheduled for the day after garbage day. I ration the amount I get rid of to make room for the weekly household garbage.

Keeping in mind that I lose my wind easily… these things will take the better part of a week. I also have a grocery order to work on, and I have to rearrange the office inside the house. This is to make sure that the items I move to the garage will be within reason.

Also, on tea breaks with Young Master Duke, I plan to stitch. I want to have the sewing machines out there by Christmas.

Take care my friends. We are slowly healing. Hugs, -L

PS— Here’s what I have gotten done….

Ran the dishwasher. Did the laundry, screamed. Cleaned out the car, even got the tarps in.. Tea break. Garbage out. That’s about it. The rest will have to wait for another day… Hugs.