The task list

Morning all, Young Master Duke has had his morning meds and is resting. My Husband is mumbling in the kitchen. The dishwasher is running. I’m about to jump in the shower.

Bullet Journaling has taught me that the task list and collections are king. It’s helping me keep track of my diabetes and other medical issues. I’m on track a little better financially. Our home is getting maintained. My husband is allowed to breathe.

However, I’m not really into the dead tree version anymore. Yes, I still do some spreads and collections, but not so much as in years gone by. It has evolved, and quite honestly for the better.

For some reason, I can type much faster than I can manipulate a pen or pencil. I hate coloring, and so making fancy schmancy sheet on paper just doesn’t make me happy. Let’s not get into the washi tape and sticker crap either.

The online world has jaded me with the bullet journal system. Ryder Caroll who invented the system is a good egg. I’d started something similar decades ago, and evolved it when I found his videos on youtube. Yet, the others who were ‘famous’ for bullet journaling really toasted my bagels on the system.

Online groups helped for awhile, but when it became a ‘show and tell’ game, I about upchucked. No. I hate show and tell. I have since 3rd grade. Needless to say, it burned the bujo method for me. I left the groups, or blocked them, and moved on.

I tried to do the daily spread thing. I did it for about a year or two. I tried the Alaistair method. I was happiest with that. I even tried some of the apps to work with bujo. My favorite, lost when I switched to android I still grieve for the loss of.

Yes, I’ve done quite a bit of bujo. Yet, I’m not a bujo ‘creator’. I’m a human being, who has very specific needs. I need a reminder on both my tablet and cell phone. I need recurring reminders, that show up certain days of the week.

I need a set it and forget it until I need to do it system. So, google tasks for the win. It integrates with google calendar. It has the ability to do collections, with details. The best part is, that google doesn’t forget. I’ve switched devices due to breaking things, and it’s all still there.

I have been working ont he task list for the next 3 months today. Setting up reminders that I need to keep track of, such as getting the Husband’s Christmas gifts. Setting up the Christmas Tree is also on the list. Organizing things in the garage. Knitting and stitchery projects are on there as well.

It works. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get some outside chores done then take my shower. Take care my friends, hugs. -L