My tool box

Morning all, !Hugs and all of that.

I finally decided to get a toolbox set up. Sighs. I have lived on this watery rock for awhile now, and did not have a dedicated tool box. Now, sadly, I do. It was time.

I actually had the physical box for a few years. It was a gift from some kind folks who helped paint and repair the house we live in. Yes, my beloved and I are charity cases. It happens. According to one of those responsible for raising me, we aren’t supposed to accept any charity ever. Grr.. I had used the physical box for something else.

Before I start ranting, let’s get back to my tool box. It has my multi-tools that are not currently in rotation in it. That way I don’t lose them as easily. It has super glue, and paracord as well as twine and duck tape. It also has a couple of cutting tools, and small lubricants etc…

If it isn’t supposed to move, and should. Lube it. If it is supposed to be moving and doesn’t, stop that. That’s what is in this tool box. It works for me. I’m no longer a woodworker, I am no longer a person who builds things. I’m someone that if I need it fixed, and can do so myself, I will do so.

The caveat here is ‘and can do so myself’. I’m not rebuilding my car, or even my wheelchair. Heck I even have my box cutter in there.

So, something simple that works for me, and does what I need it to do. It contains tools.

Sadly, my whackus bonkus does not fit in there. I also don’t have a flash light or other thingamies in there. I may need to get an additional toolbox. Sheet. Do they breed?

Take care my friends. Today is my half-century day. Please have a cuppa for me. -L


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