Not quite from the campfire, from the garage

Morning all, hope you are well. I have the garage door open just enough for Young Master Duke to go in and out. I’m having a morning cuppa, and the first smoke of the day.

My birthday presents to myself.

Please don’t mind the paint peeling off the side door. Also, our garage is a bit more than messy. Sighs.

Young Master Duke has has his secret Voopies, with Vusha Vusha magics, and all is well with the world. My beloved is sleeping. He really doesn’t like the smell of menthol cigarettes, so I smoke in the garage. It also gives me some much needed away time, if only for my sanity’s sake.

As I sit out here, I do work on getting much more than just a tea tray set up for my garage usage. Soon enough, I will have all of the toys out here. I’m looking forward to it.

In other news, 8 years ago yesterday Young Master Duke adopted me. 💙 He is a treasure and a lovebug.

Take care my friends. -L


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