The adventure

Morning all, Young Master Duke wants to go out and play, but the football game is going on right now. I don’t want him to bark at the people in the field.

This morning I got up after a quick nap and made sandwiches. I packed a lunch for my beloved and I with chips, oranges and some soda. I filled the water bottles and put them in my mollie pouches.

We left at 9, and hit the interstate. Everything went well until we found road construction about 2/3 of the way to the state line. Crap. Thankfully we were able to do 2 lane 60 mph traffic the rest of the way. It seems that half of the interstate at this portion is being replaced.

My beloved then told me that we were late already. I said, “Tell them the truth, we hit road construction.” I didn’t say, “I wasn’t the one who dawdled for an hour doing jack all when we could have been on the road.” I didn’t say it. I didn’t imply it, I didn’t change my tone, or anything. I just listened to my forensics podcast.

He hates it when I wear earbuds. I can successfully tune him out, and relax. My beloved loves to be a pain in the tail in the car. He REALLY enjoys being a pain in the tail.

However, listening to how the police and federal institutions solve murders keeps me on the straight and narrow.

I dropped him off, and headed to the tobacco shop. I wasn’t expecting the lovely ladies there to help me grab the tobacco, but they were so kind. We joked a bit, and I was back in the car and to the hospital ramp shortly. I sent him a text when I got the car parked.

Now, I don’t know if he had his appointment or not. It’s not my issue. I suspect that he did. You see, when he said we were late, I saw that the appointment time was 10:30 am. It was 10 am when he showed me this. We arrived at 10:11.

I wanted to avoid the road construction on the way home, so I took an alternate route, which was blocked by more road construction. We ended up driving most of the way home through northern Iowa. He was anxious about it, but this wasn’t planned. It was a nice little drive, watching the fields go by, the bales of hay, and seeing the cattle.

We stopped in Little Rock at a park, and they had decent bathrooms. It was also a campground, and I’m stoked to stay there in the future. Yes, on a strange wrong turn, I found a campground. Whoops. We arrived home, and all of a sudden I was homicidally left to haul the gear back to the house.

I don’t own a bat. I have a whackus bonkus, which is also used to force nails into wood. I was tempted. I was also running on 3 hours of sleep. But there is nothing I can do about it, he is an insufferable inconsiderate prick at times. I can’t change him.

I put the picnic leftovers away, grabbed a soda, a potty break, and a smoke, and then I went to bed.

I awoke, a bit refreshed in the evening, and moved on with my day.

The cool things I saw.

There was a tree that still had leaves and was growing, but had been blasted by lightning years ago. There were black cows, and white cows in the same field. I met 2 sweet people who helped me. I found a cool little campground that I want to explore. I saw fields of white golden corn, and fields with dots of hay bales. I saw many beautiful things.

The most important thing, I didn’t commit any harm in any way towards my beloved. My whackus bonkus is unbloodied. I can create chaos another day.

Hugs my friends. Take care, will bug you again soon. -L