Eating an elephant with scottish bagpipe and drum

Hello all, am snuggled up with a space heater. It is fracking cold out there right now. Am seriously contemplating moving to a Pacific island, but then again with my luck, it would sink. Sighs.

Have lists of lists of lists to do this weekend. Lots of it is just makework. Meaning work that needs to be done to make life smoother, but also work that keeps me busy and out of trouble.

That said, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. I did resurrect the old recipe card and box method of tackling the world. Every task gets it’s own card, and recurring tasks get moved to the next day sort of thing.

This method was recommended by some cleaning ladies who wrote lots of books on the topic, and as the flylady drove me up a wall, I went to her source.

My bullet journal has downgraded to major collections and a planner for now, and I just can’t be arsed to keep up a bujo at this time. There just isn’t time enough to spend/wasted an hour a day with mildliners and brush pens etc… I have too much to do.

So, one bite at a time, the elephant is getting eaten.

Hugs all,



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