A day of rest

Hey all, it’s a bear out there. Sure glad the mosquitoes aren’t flying. There are no noseeums, no gnats, no biting flies out there either. It’s actually quite pleasant.

Took the day off from almost everything. I didn’t record, didn’t write, I just chilled. Many delicious radishes were eaten, and I had a lovely bubble bath.

I even took a break from my daughter’s shawl. It was kinda neat sitting with a crochet hook instead of 80 inches of circular knitting needles. Don’t worry, one day off won’t stop the process, I just needed a day away from blues and purples for awhile.

By the way, an update to yesterday’s post. Google the word Clanadonia. If you like bagpipes and drums, you may love this band. They are from Scotland. Enough said.

Other than that, I need to grab a quick snack. My work day begins in about 14 minutes. Hugs -L


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