Thou must make do with what we give you.


Yesterday I made an order for the store, for a parking lot pickup. I would have waited until the weather broke, and warmed up, as the store loads the car. However, we were down to 2 rolls of toilet paper, and I was out of feminine necessities. Sighs.

Shielding in place, or sheltering in place, means that we try like mad to never leave the house unless absolutely needful. We do this as we both are immune compromised. So, this morning, I have to go back to the store for another pickup.

Yesterday I wrote about accepting things that are happening as they are supposed to be right at the moment. I wrote about waiting out the anger. Well, that bit me in the tail, but I didn’t lose my marbles at the time.

In last night’s order, somehow 36 eggs, which would have lasted us 3 weeks, ended up scrambled in the carton by the loader. Only 11 were saved. Also, they didn’t put the toilet paper we are almost desperately needing on the order for whatever reason.

I didn’t growl, I didn’t yell, I thanked the human that loaded the car, as I left. I was upset about the lack of toilet paper. Really upset. I didn’t yet know about the eggs.

When I found the eggs, it was a race to salvage what I could, but then again, I wasn’t a happy camper. I did let the hubs know that I wasn’t mad at him, but that there was a problem. I put the rest of the groceries away after saving what eggs I could and went to have a cigarette.

Rolling through my mind were the words, wait it out. Wait it out. I first was going to call the store in violent Karen mode, but decided to check the app instead. I filed a claim on the cost of the eggs, and had to make yet another order because there are a few things that we still desperately need.

That said, I am a farm girl, and last year during shortages I used an old farm trick when toilet paper was not available. I do have that option yet again. Another saving thing I have done is order cloth baby diapers which I can use in a pinch to stretch commercial products.

However, the sense of panic last night, when things didn’t go as I had expected slammed home the concept I need. The people that did our grocery order did pretty good anyways, and I was able to place a different order last night. That said, I’m staying up until 7 this morning to pick up the other order.

Hopefully, they won’t pull the toilet paper from this morning’s order, and there are no eggs on the current order.

Have a good one,



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