Sunday at home:

Hello all, Good Sunday to you! Dad’s in town, went to Mass this morning. I stayed home, partially due to the chores that needed doing, and partially due to a severe allergy to incense. It’s part of life.

Yesterday was a crazy hoot! It started out just fine, in fact it was a “normal” Saturday. I did the morning chores, and took care of a few things. I put the house plants on the deck, and I took care of my writing work.

I decided to walk away from posting on Facebook. I realized that I was killing the blog by posting so much on Facebook. So, while I still go back to see what folks are doing, I don’t post much other than game requests over there.

When I was in the midst of writing, my Sister called, and asked a favor… She was coming out to get some garden seed from Dad. That’s a great idea, and I called Dad up from the garden, letting him know she was on her way.

Now I have a policy, when one or any of my siblings comes to visit Dad, no matter the reason, I try to give them as much private time with Dad as possible. It’s none of my business really what they talk about, and I have other things to do. So, I finished my writing work, and played a few games of Cafe land on Facebook.

All was well until I was called in to find a pen. I gave them a little grief, and came back to the entry way. The entryway is my ultimate sitting room. I can smoke in here with the door open, I can sit and write, and I have most of my phone conversations here. Also, thanks to a TV tray, its where I sit and do much of my computing.

Tina and I went to see the critters when Dad went to lay down for a nap. The one rabbit, she’s in love with, being a beautiful grey sweet mixed breed bunny. This particular rabbit, my brother will remember well, as when our dog Bo chased it around the house, he was working on the chicken coop. She meaning Bo, chased it right into the middle of his chest, nearly knocking him over. Luckily, neither of them had a heart attack.

Tina and I walked through the farm then, looking at the orchard, and we wandered down to the creek and the dugout. There was a point past which I wouldn’t go though, because I think it’s called saw grass, grows there. I was wearing shorter britches.

IMG_0745 Tina caught playing with her phone.

After Tina left, chaos took over. Soon it was time to feed and water the critters. I moved my favorite lawn mowers, the rabbits, but didn’t check the cage too well. Not paying attention, I went back to the chickens, both coops, and got to work. I then relaxed in the entryway for a bit, when Bo started chasing a white rabbit. Oh crap! The rabbit got loose! So, Bo and I caught the white one, and I went and looked at the cage. Not only was Mama the black missing, the cage was over a suspicious rabbit shaped hole.

IMG_0741 The former, lawn mowing hutch.

Bo alerted that Mama was nearby, and we caught her. Bo making sure she didn’t get far, while I scooped her up next to the white rabbit in my arms. The winter hutch would have to do. So, I popped them in the winter hutch, making sure that it was secure at the bottom. I put food and water in the hutch and cut enough grass to keep them satisfied for the night. So now, the rabbits get to stay in the winter hutch year round.

I’m just going to have to take my machete with me when I go to do the chores, and make sure that I have enough long grass cut to feed the rabbit units. Thankfully, in the country, there is plenty of long grass.

The chaos didn’t end there, more fun was to be found. The toilet stopper came off the chain. Bo came back with many ticks from our adventure through the pasture, and so did I. Thankfully, only one was attached on me.

IMG_0750 Thankfully, this was the only one that stuck. I got the rest. To remove, use a tweezers, gently pull, making sure you get the head.

Lastly, supper was a bland disaster. The only perk was dessert, which was fresh cut rhubarb turned into a cobbler.

IMG_0747 2 cups of sugar, lemon peel, 2 T of flour, cinnamon, water, and time. When boiled down to soft ness, remove half, add 1 scoop of unflavored gelatin to removed part, set aside in the fridge for jelly. Mix 2 eggs, a little water, sugar, lemon peel, and enough flour to make a dough. Put in fridge for half an hour and when the rhubarb sauce comes back to a boil, put teaspoon full by teaspoon full into boiling goodness. Add 1.5 cups of regular oats, and turn heat on low. Serve hot with ice-cream, or serve cold with a tall glass of a good milk.


I found though, that I couldn’t sleep last night. My stomach, dodgy at best has been really acting up in the past week or two. So, I stayed up and got some more chores done, and started 4 loaves of bread to rise overnight.

Meanwhile, all is well on the farm. At least for now, and I will post more in the morning.IMG_0545

Louise Ann Benjamin

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