Fix my horn, my breaks quit working

I’m finding inspiration everywhere. I was just waking up, and found that Dad was listening to a comedienne from Pipestone MN called Granny. Lord knows where he got the tape. She was hilarious, one of her lines was, “Fix the horn, my breaks quit working.”

Life on the farm is like that sometimes. We get by as inexpensively as we can, and make do with what God gives us. Sometimes, it’s a loud horn, and sometimes, the breaks do quit working.

I’ve been a little busy so far today. I fed and watered the chickens, both flocks, and I moved our four footed lawn mowers.

I grabbed some clothes off the line, as we needed them for church. I also played a little on the computer.

Let me show you.


Our lawn mower and the clothes washer may be broken, but I got our “horn fixed” by borrowing a mower, and just doing with what we have.

I read quite a few “prepper blogs”. And I owe a debt of gratitude to the prepper community. It’s the preppers that showed me how to wash clothes, and it’s the preppers that showed me how to mow a lawn with critters…

Now, the rabbits can’t keep up with a 40 acre farm, but they can eat the tall grass down for me so that the next time I borrow a mower, I can run it in more areas.

It’s all relative, and a good thing.

Life out here isn’t “easy”. In fact, sometimes I gross people out describing our life here. Like the other day, I was at an auction, trying to get a rapid washer, and we were waiting for the auctioneer to come up and present the next item for bid. One feller picked up the rapid washer and asked what it was.

I described it, and said that I hand wash all our clothes, I mentioned that I use Dawn dishsoap on them. One female got disgusted quick.

Her problem. Because regular laundry soap makes my skin burn.

It’s all relative.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep blasting my horn, whether the breaks work or not. Have a great one!

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