Miles and miles of it

Morning all, thought I’d just take a short break and check in. Okay, my hands are starting to hurt, and I need to stop for a cuppa tea.

Yesterday, I broke out the Brother LX 3817. Yes, I have treadle sewing machines, yes I have other options. This one has zig-zag stitch, and can reverse stitch. Sighs. I’ve been working on the dress, and I want to turn it from a work in progress into something I can throw on and head for coffee in.

I know, someone who never leaves the house heading for coffee? Well, my coffee maker is technically in the kitchen. My office is in the living room. Bite me, hard. I want a new dress dammit. If I have to go and buy a cup of coffee, to satisfy the blog, I won’t. So there.

Mini tantrum done, I quick stitched the seams shut. However, that doesn’t leave the dress finished. Oh no, I’m one of those psychotic little buggers that has to have it done this time. I want it to be finished, and not just miles and miles of strings tickling me on the inside. I’m hand finishing the seams.

There are actual methods of machine finishing garments. Most fast fashion is designed this way. I don’t want another machine in the house. I don’t want a serger. I have enough. Mini tantrum, again, I know. I’m folding over the raw edges, and stitching them down. I don’t want them fraying, and I just want to be done.

So, I’m working on one of the pockets right now. I have the upper side of one of the seams done. I have quite a few feet left of work to do. Then when all of this is done, I want to decide how I’m going to work the bottom hem.

I have quite awhile before I have to worry about a bottom hem. Did I mention I have gussets in this thing? It’s a floor length Aline dress. Currently, and perpetually, its sleeveless. The pattern? I used one of my favorite tank tops, and extended it to floor length. I know, I have patterns, I’m just weird.

Hugs my friends. Have a cuppa coffee for me. I better get back to work. Oh look, the kettle is boiling. Awesome. -L


It’s done did! Squee! I’m so happy!

Keep on Keeping on

Hello all,

I’ve been working on several things all week, and sadly neglecting the blog. Chuckle, I have good motives, I swear. I do, honest. Actually, I’ve been working on the podcast, as well as the facebook pages 

But that doesn’t give me a valid excuse. So, here I am.

I’ve been crocheting the wedding afghan 2 and I’m almost ready to start the second block if you want to follow along.

I’ve got to get working on the other purse that I’m making, I need to have it done by Sunday. I’m thinking of using the same yarn as in little purse. We will see what happens. In the Little Purse, the second link I posted in this paragraph, I used exclusively front post single and double crochet. In this one, I’m going to be combining crochet and knitting. The problem is, in getting it down on the needles and on paper.

I’ve also been unloading the woman cave on wheels, and reloading my sewing room for winter usage. As the weather gets colder outside, I have much more need for working on my projects in a safe and warm environment.

And lastly, I’m turning the sewing room into my own personal version on South Dakota. South Dakota, the state is where I can go to regroup, to relax, and to have fun. I want my sewing room to have the same feel, the same vibe for me. Therefore, I have quite a bit of work to do in here. It’s not sane, but it works.

I have a few other things that are happening behind the scenes here, but that’s part and parcel of my life. It seems that the busier I am, and the more structure I have with my life, the happier I am. I’m just okay with that.

For now, I’d better get back to work, will chat with you again later!

Louise Benjamin
Louise Ann Benjamin

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Little Purse

Crocheted Purse:

Hook Size ‘E’3.5 mm Crochet lite hook

Yes, I am using a very small hook for the yarn. I want the rows to be tight.

Yarn: Red Heart Worsted weight  “Monet

Chain 21

Row 1: 20 sc at the end of the row, do 20 sc in the starting chain again. Connect with a slst.

Row 2: 40 sc in the round, connect with a slst

Row 3: 40 sc, connect with a  slst

Row 4: front post single crochet, 40 stitches

Row 5: Ch 2, PM (Place Marker) Do 39 front post double crochets, connect with a slst

Repeat Row5 for depth you want of the Purse… I went for the size of my Droid 4 phone

Do one row of front post single crochet

For the flap:

Turn at the end of the last row,

1: Slip stitch 20 stitches through the back loop only

Be sure to count your slip stitches every row, or you might have to use language unbecoming a crocheter.

When the flap is over 1.2 way down the side of the purse:

slip stitch 8, ch 4 (skip 4 stitches), slip stitch 8

slip stitch 5 more rows through the back loop

Weave in your ends and stitch on a button of your choice.

If you want to add a strap, you can easily either knit or crochet an i-cord strap and attach it.

Itunes or apple hell

Worked on my computer all day fixing the Mess iTunes made of my music files. Ugh.

I finally got my sewing machine fixed, and started sewing. It seems that when you thread the dratted thing right, well. Winking smile

Also, I met with my sponsor instead of going to the meeting Monday.

After the iPad is done syncing music, this lunatic is going to bed. Its almost 2 am for crying out loud.

Today’s Schedule, by the way…

YMCA, 11am-3pm.



the other thing


Meet my arse at the door saying I went there, did that… 9-10 pm-ish.


I’m trying to be quite enough

Morning, it’s just past 1030 in the morning, and I’ve already taken something for the pain. It’s time to head downstairs and get breakfast, but you know, I kinda like pestering you when I wake up for the day.

Last night, I pinned the pattern to the fabric, cut it out, and began marking everything. There were of course, notches, dots, and other weird things involved. I had to do more marking than I should have because I missed several notches. Ooops!

I’ve got several other things to work on today though. I need to get outside and weed. I know this pain is because I’ve sat at the computer too long over the last week. My body is telling me to either move, or to rest.


So, today, rather than whine about the problem, I’m going to get busy. There are chores to do. (A floor to scrub.) Weeds to pull. (A bathroom to clean.) Dogs to train. Dishes to wash, and other miscellaneous items.

I really miss my Dad. I can’t see him till the end of the month. I miss him so much. I wish he was here and not there. I wish I could move the whole family to him, but that won’t work. Ugh.

So, this morning, I’m going to pray a Rosary, and pray for him.

That’s all for now.

Louise Ann Benjamin