Plan B

Morning all, it’s time for plan B. My sponsor, back in the dark ages, and I was still fertile taught me about planning.

If plan A doesn’t work, then we go with plan B. If Plan B doesn’t work, move on to Plan C, then D and etc… If Plan Z doesn’t work, then go to A1, B1 etc… IF you get to Z1 then proceed to A2.

This way, a body can keep adapting. This is a corralary to my own personal decalog, “They are hidebound, I can adapt.”

I’m going to speak at after care again shortly. I do it every month, and it’s the only ftf recovery thingamie that I attend.

Originally, I would go with one buddy, we went to the main treatment center for years. She would drive, and we could have the meeting before the meeting, the meeting after the meeting, and stop and get snackages in a small town on the way. It was a good thing.

Then she moved away. I kept it up for awhile, until I moved, and then I just couldn’t keep it up for long.

Then when aftercare opened back up in my home town, another buddy asked if I wanted to go. By this time, the wheelchair and I were bff’s. Pain is a witch, so I couldn’t attend every month, but… This buddy just moved to Arkansas, just the other side of bum f’d nowhere. They can’t come back to speak.

So, I’m going to be their replacement. I’m sad, and I miss my buddy. But I will go. This is plan B. I have another buddy I’m trying to get to go along, originally they agreed… now they are backing out.

Plan C, they are going to ask someone else. I’ve heard this routine before. I will go, I will fill my travel mug with icy coffee goodness, and I will probably speak alone.

What my other friends don’t know, is that that was the original Plan C all along. I’ve learned that I don’t rely entirely on others, and to just keep doing what needs to be done.

So for the rest of it, I’m going to read my Basic Text today, and come up with some mischief and mayhem to get ready. Hugs my friends. Hugs, hope you are well.

Meanwhile, my iced coffee is suspiciously empty, and I probably should let Young Master Duke outside to be himself. The sun is starting to rise a little. Please, trust yourself today. You are the goodest. -L


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