The fabric is lost in transit

Morning all, On June 2nd, my fabric order was supposedly shipped. It’s MIA. Sighs. The other faff I ordered will be here today though. I have other fabric, I know. I have this and that, life is blessed… however, the old saw about keeping a jackass in suspense still holds.

I feel like a jackass.

So, when I order something I need, like that freezer that is still MIA, or the fabric, the gods of shipping know better. Yet, when I order faff that I just want, it arrives with lightning speed. Yuckers.

Okay, the stuff that is arriving today is the things I need to keep the treadles in good repair. It contains belts, oil, new bobbins, those types of things. They have been on the grab it like a rabbit list for about a year. The ice cube trays, well anyone gets between me and a nice iced coffee, well the claws come out.

I can see the karma in action with that. However, the fabric to cover my carcas… what incense can I burn to get that shipment here? Do I need to start dancing nekkid in the moonlight to get it? I know, I know, if it’s not here tomorrow, then the day after, I can request a refund…

I am just throwing a temper tantrum because the fabric isn’t here!

It looks like I will be making yet another dress out of the stash. Hugs my friends. Hugs, this first world problem is just that, a first world problem. I know. I have the ability to track the Amazon delivery driver in real time, I know. However, my fabric….

Whimper. I’m going to crawl into my recliner with some yarn, a book, and some iced coffee. I need to winge about this one for awhile longer.

Hugs my friends, please be kind to your delivery people, they hold the keys to the kingdon. -L


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