Much needed me time.

Over a week and a half ago, I put my back out moving something that was too big and too heavy from the farm to town. That error in judgement made a huge change necessary.

I stopped going up to my office for me time every day.

I can tell the difference. Pain levels are only a part of the problem.

For years, I have fantasized about a she shed. A place to call my own. Somewhere I can decorate and do with as I wish. Somewhere that I don’t have to put up with others, that I can focus, that I can just chill out.

I got that here in town. However, when the back went out. Pain levels through the roof made bedtime most important. It made ice packs my best buddy. It made going to meetings a chore.

All work on the office, as I call my upstairs she shed, stopped in its tracks. One wall is partially painted. Another has only the base coats done. It’s got flotsam and jetsam strewn everywhere.

I’m stuck.

So, after my emotions did a major flip flop last night, and I ended up in tears. I decided screw it. I’m moving my office back upstairs. I’m working in my she shed. No matter what the cost physically.

My away time. My time for knitting, crochet, sewing and writing is essential to my serenity. It’s when I get most of my prayer work done. It is when I get that much needed recharge for my sanity.

I have that today.

In other news, a new laptop is a part of our world here. I have to finish programming it. I am waiting for a part to come from Amazon.

There is so much work to do.



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